This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Saturday, October 24, 2015

September: Mississippi Gulf Coast

The DHubby and I decided to make a trek to an unexplored area--at least, we haven't visited it before.  In past years we enjoyed the Texas Gulf around Rockport--especially Goose Island--and Aransas Pass (Mustang Island.)  That's a couple of days away, though, and we are thinking ahead about April--for a 75th birthday celebration and gathering the whole family.  We wanted an area with many attractions and activities, preferably some place a little different.  After some research, we reserved a small apartment via HomeAway, located in Gulfport.  We focused our attention on Gulfport and points west, with special attention to fishing piers, beach access, and so forth.  
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, much infrastructure has been rebuilt (and an artificial reef created offshore from solid debris.)  The white-sand beaches have no surf, no shells, which somewhat explains why many tourists head for Alabama and Florida cities.  

The park pavilion is seen from the long breakwater and fishing pier.

Further east, Biloxi and Ocean Springs feature many more casinos and high-rise condominiums.  All of these communities lie along the Beach Boulevard and rail lines (with frequent trains) run parallel to the busy highway.  

Shore birds!

I was able to walk 2 miles down the beach--and could have kept going.  I had it all to myself on the weekday (except, alas, for the trash left behind by weekend revelers.  I collected what I could and slogged to a trash receptacle.  I also returned a number of hermit crabs to the shoreline and picked up some lost sand molds--free toys!

Don fished two different piers, and we enjoyed his white sea trout for two of our evening meals.  

We checked out the pier at Long Beach and then drove past Pass Christian and over the Bay St. Louis (not pronounced 'Looey!') Bridge to visit prospective rentals. 
Our favorite place turned out to be 'Old Town' Bay St. Louis--full of charming spots and entertaining decor.  (And yes, we did find a place that we decided to reserve.)  
Here are some of the spots we noted:

The 'discoverer' of Bay St. Louis was Jean-Baptiste LeMoyne--1699.  

 In front of a church stood this impressive live oak--trees that withstood Katrina's damaging winds and flooding with surprising success.  The fire hydrant was imaginatively painted with an angel.  


They're not kidding!  Delightful spot.  We bought Multigrain Sourdough (wonderful) and a giant cookie.  The BSL muffin we sampled was to die for....  

Also seen:

...and last but not least:
We'll be back!!!

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