This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quilts for a Grand-Nephew

My baby brother (now 65) has become a grand-dad; that means my older sister and I are now great-aunts!  It is always a thrill when the Younger Generation produces the Next Generation.  As soon as I heard the happy news of great expectations, I inquired of nephew Ben and his lovely wife Amy whether any of her family were quilters (and planning a baby quilt.)  Nope!  So I got the go-ahead to make a quilt using blues!  

I sorted through my blue fabric stash until I had a nice combination; I did add a couple of fabrics during the Hot Springs quilt show, and I found a sailboat print (Moda Fabrics, from the 'Passport' design line.)  The design was in my head long before I started constructing.  This was my first time making 'Lady of the Lake' blocks, and of course it all took me longer than I had hoped....and the baby arrived one jump ahead of completion.  That was fine, though, as I could add his birthdate and stats to the quilt label!

One critique from my quilting circle:  "Elaine, NObody is going to use that quilt for a baby!  Just put a hanging sleeve on it!"
So I made the second quilt.


  1. The first one looks to me like something from the 1940s. It’s beautiful! I’d use it for a baby, but what do I know? :)

    1. The young couple tell me it will be on the nursery wall; (they are moving from California 'back East' later this month.)

  2. Wonderful! What's it like to create heirlooms?

  3. I never saw the second quilt~you know, the one that will be used and washed! You are my brilliant friend.


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