This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Architectural Award Winner

One need not be religiously-inclined to find this AIA-awarded destination worthwhile. Words like 'unique' and 'inspired' come to mind.

A short drive from Eureka Springs leads one to a rock-ribbed Ozark hillside; follow the wide, smooth stone pathway through the sun-dappled woods.

The chapel emerges from its setting.

One of the notable buildings of the Twentieth Century, this was designed by Fay Jones of The University of Arkansas at the invitation of the land-owner who wanted to share the beauty of his Ozark mountain site.

Morning light, glass, greenery, height, quiet.

No doubts: very glad to have seen
Thorncrown Chapel.


  1. You're so lucky. I've always wanted to see the Fay Jones chapel. Did you get an email from Barry Franklin/KarmaSartre a few days ago urging you to see it? - that sort of "unknown" email always ends up in my junk email box, so I wondered.

  2. I did get two e-mails--yours and BF/KS's--and I think I left a note (on the WordPlay blog? on my blog? via e-mail? I may be in your filter!)

    The Eureka Springs area is lovely-- we think we may want to go back in the Fall. I would like to see Quigley's Castle in Spring, as well-- the perennial beds had a lot of early blooming shrubs and so forth. It reminded Hubby Dearest of Central PA--big rolling hills, lush green landscape.


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