This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Eight....

....of temperatures above 100 degrees. This means it is too hot to go outside for more than a few minutes--say, just long enough to move the hose from the asparagus bed to the fig bush. When the shade is on the pool, we go in for a swim, but with the water at 90 degrees, it's not as refreshing. I was going out for my 45 minute walk in the early mornings, but it has only "cooled off" to 88 degrees overnight, so I think today it's a NO.

Weather reporters continue to compare 2010 to the record-setting year 1954, with 46 days of above-100-degree temps. That August our family moved from West Germany to Ft. Smith, Arkansas, where Dad was assigned to Fort Chaffee. NObody had air-conditioned houses back then, so you can imagine.....

No fishing, no gardening, no birding. I'm staying inside, feeling grateful for quilting and crosswords.


  1. Somehow, my Google account has been hijacked by my teenaged son. However, it is Sara commenting, not "Ben."

    We had similar weather in NY about a month ago - but not for eight days! It does take the fun out of summer. I was in San Francisco last week, where it was in the 50s all day every day. I thought I'd enjoy it, but within a couple of hours I was just freezing.

    We only plant idiot-proof vegetables. The squash are growing at mutant rates. I would rather eat asparagus, though.


  2. It's brutal! Our heat indices here stay 100+ until after the sun goes down, and they never dip below 85, even at night. What did we do to deserve this!?

  3. Today was 105 degrees; in the afternoon, a t'storm was 'around,'and sudden high winds tore down power lines in the downtown area, cutting off power (and air-conditioning.) We did not even swim, given the thunder. Today there is a 50% chance for rain, on which all of our hopes are pinned. Next week is predicted to be back in the 100's. Oh, good--more humidity!

  4. Hey, it could work this time!
    ~Well, that summer of 1954 was of great benefit to me, for it introduced me to my lifetime new friend, and that continues over the decades, even though you are back in AR and I am in NC~


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