This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

It's also cold inside!  I am a fan of layers (and natural fibers, and lots of hot tea, and Spring arriving a.s.a.p.)   Arkansas is recording some of the coldest temps in fifteen years. 

I had to replace my walking shoes recently.  (The old ones are demoted to everyday shoes; the old everyday shoes are demoted to garden work; the old garden work shoes went in the trash.)  While I was at Wilkinson Shoe Mall (a gold mine in a three-college town) I found these:

There was a time when the idea of spending thirteen bucks on one pair of socks would have given me a conniption fit.....but these socks were sooooo thick, so warm, so completely alluring.  (When you hit your Sixties, your values kind of change.  Warm socks are glamorous.)


I may need to run back to Wilkinson's for more.  


  1. What a coinkydink, Elaine, I'm wearing my Thorlo socks today too. I bought them a year ago or so, and I really love them. Must buy another pair. However, for lounging around at home, I highly recommend a pair of nice thick Alpaca socks from Alpaca Fiber Cooperative. I bought mine at the annual Southeast Animal Fiber Fair held here in Asheville every October.

  2. OOOOOHH, thanks for the tip.

    (Does this mean I am turning into a sock-whore or some other such un-PC term?) Warm feet....oooooh!

  3. I had to bring out the socks this week too. It's down in the 40s in Amman - which seems really cold by my new, middle east standards.

  4. Ooh, not even Thorlo can compete with Smartwool. Changed my life! (and it gets really cold up here)


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