This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Pleasures

Weather here has turned chilly--or downright cold--and wet.  Gray skies persist.  Thunderstorms and hail yesterday...and the week is predicted to be blustery and stormy.  The rainfall, however, has been sparse, and our state is in moderate to severe drought, with high danger of wildfires and burn bans.  

Grape hyacinths....violet leaves nearby
 Views in the yard at present:
Loropetalum--one bush, two colors!

New growth on a climbing rose

Redbud blooms, leaves, close-up leaves emerging

Vinca.....violet, not purple!

Wisteria, starting to bloom
Yellow-flowered  Tsk.

Even with inclement weather, all of these blooms continue to cheer us up!


  1. Hello again MOL, May I call you Elaine?
    Rather than run the risk of having my comment deemed inappropriate over on WP, instead I'll run it by you: You mentioned a possible movie titled "Intonement"...or as it would no doubt play in Islamic countries as...Instonement!
    "Let he without sin ....
    Warren Howie H

  2. Whoops! Elaine, meant to say Astonement, Have I atoned?

  3. @WHH/CaseAce
    Of course you may call me by name!

    And here's an explanation re the above (for all three of my readers):

    The NYT crossword blog, WordPlay, often sees comments from Mean Old Lady and Warren Howie Hughes. On Monday I made the following proposal, citing the names of some of the tougher puzzle constructors:

    (Addressing a multi-lingual commenter:) Please to construct a killer puzzle full of words from your vast collection of foreign language dictionaries, (especially Sinhalese)..... and then we'll kidnap Will Shortz, Tim Croce, Kevin Der, Brad Wilber, and a few other sadists and lock them in a dungeon until they come up with a correct solve! Oh, and pauer #22, you're on the list, too. (It's Patrick Blindauer, poorly disguised.) We can make a movie of this, entitled 'Atonement.'

  4. so THIS is where the party is...

    ps...Gawd, MOL, I would LOVE some of that fresh fresh asparagus...may some day i will be able to have a real live garden again! In the meantime I am living vicariously thru your pix...
    luv P.

  5. Elaine, I am sincerely humbled by the props you extend my way,not only in the past,but right up to this day.
    We have been honorary members of the M.A.S.O.A.since my arrival in Wordplay ever since that lovely day I had the distinct pleasure to join the scintillating company, of not only yourself, but of the other illuminating characters that regularly light up the site, each and every night. However,with your latest compliment; allow moi to say in my estimation, you are the closest person I've encountered anywhere who is worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as
    America's most beloved female humorist, namely, the late great Erma Bombeck! I mean it, Elaine, you're every bit as funny, with this earthy wit (due a lot, no doubt, to spending too much time in your garden?)But you get it, and so do we, every time a comment of yours is posted on the WP blog.
    I just know you'll figure out what M.A.S.O.A. stands for...probably already have, being that you're equipped with such a quick and quirky mind! Hahahahaha
    Warren Howie H

  6. Mutual Admiration Society of America!

    Of course, Of course!

  7. Awwww. Pshaw.
    (Luckily it's April Fools' Day.) Happy Birthday, again!


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