This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Home Sweet Nest

Every year I put hanging baskets on the front porch--impatiens or ferns, in deference to the shade from the live oaks.  And for the past several years, a pair of house finches has enthusiastically trashed the right-hand basket by nesting in it.  They raise several broods through the spring and summer, while I desperately attempt to keep my plants alive.  The location does not seem all that safe--easily within reach--and the adults panic and fly away every time we use the front door--but they've been very successful.

Here are some views from previous years:

House finches on feeder

Five finch eggs 
One of the delivery truck drivers asks about the nesting finches every year. 

Baby grand-birds on the way!

Update:  Finches have a small nest in the Boston fern hanging basket on the front porch, but no eggs laid yet.  Cardinals have a nest in the 'Crepuscular' climbing rose (see below) with 3 eggs so far.  Robin nesting in back yard (too high to check.)  Green heron nesting in front yard tree (very high up.)  All of these birds should be pleased that we will be away for four days, leaving them in peace--celebrating DHubby's 70th with our not-too-distant daughter.  (Planning to visit Cincinnati son and oldest friends in May.)

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  1. Just beautiful! look at those green-blue eggs. Nature is such a talented Artist...

    Elaine, I truly hope you aren't barred from Wordplay due to those *$%*&^ limits (scuse my French)....certainly hoping John will come up with the goods to help you to continue, if, as you say, the Twitter thing didn't work. It seems insane to me!
    So far, I seem to be able to access ok....but I hold my breath every time I log in!
    cheers for now, and I'll be looking for you on tomorrow's Wordplay Blog!...Patricia


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