This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Flood Giveth....

The Great Blogspot Outage has eaten my previous version of this amusing incident.  
I will recreate it and hope there is no repeat disaster.

This is a one-year-old rose bush named Little Pinkie, planted in front of the new fence at the lake--and it has just spent more than a week completely immersed in filthy flood-water.  

I was delighted to see that, undaunted, the rose has buds that are about to open.

I was admiring Little Pinkie and saying some complimentary things about its plucky spirit, when I noticed something odd.

Little Pinkie appeared to be looking at me!

In mid-picture, notice two yellow eyes....

There, amid the twigs, stems, and other detritus caught in the rose canes and leaves, was a little gift from the flood.....

This is a very nice bass lure, which we'll put to the test when we have leisure to fish again.

The flood giveth, and the flood taketh away.


  1. Oh, no, it’s not — it’s in my Google Reader, but not on your blog.

  2. Blogspot doesn't do me wrong too, too often, but this time it appears that it really did, um, swallow the lure.

  3. That little rose bush survived just to give you something to feel good about after all that mess and stress. BTW how did your daughter in Vicksburg fare? I presume she lives far from the flood zone, but just wondered.

  4. Laura lives a bit north of the city limits in the hills of Warren County; the Corps of Engineers R&D center is in the city, but the large campus is not near the waterfront, either. There were homes, businesses, and landmarks that were flooded (all in low-lying areas) and a major north-south route was closed where it crosses the Big Black River. The Mississippi was to crest there in Vicksburg on Saturday (5/14) but it will take some time for the water level to fall, of course.

  5. Elaine, getting the old fish eye is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it's not coming from some fellow human being and is actually from a real live fish, or in this instance, from a cute little fishing lure, that was merely attempting to touch BASS with you?
    Just call me Shallow How, Elaine C Ya


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