This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mean Old Lady--Revealed!

In response to requests from a few of the denizens of CrossWorld (the Comment community at WordPlay, the NYT puzzle blog) I am happy to share the photographs that the DHubby shot this morning.  

He got an early start!  

This photo seems to have less of the MOL and more of the quilt, but that's okay.  This is called 'Le Jardin Folklorique' and was completed last year.

Let's try another:

I was out picking figs; guess I really got 'into' my task!  The fresh figs are just wonderful, though--worth all the effort.

I was also pulling weeds in the asparagus bed:

Darn!  He missed that shot, too.
How about when I was clipping the elderberry bunches?

Well, alllllmost!  You can see my Crocs--good footwear for the dewy grass.

Let's go back inside and do some more pictures with the quilts!

Oh, that rascal!  The DHubby PhotoChopped me out of the picture!  This piece is one of his favorites, I guess.

How about the one I finished most recently?

Big quilts can be so hard to handle!  These Ohio Star blocks were gifts from my friends in The Holey Fingers (our church guild.)  They combined to create a handsome quilt, which I was planning to hold up for you to see.

My, my.  Back to the drawing board, I guess!

Oh, all right.  Scroll down.

Not great quality....but I'm seldom in the pictures since I am the one shooting them!


  1. You are so silly! I know someone who can catch you on camera. Watch out!

  2. Patricia from BCJuly 24, 2011 at 5:03 PM

    aww! what a lovely photo! you don't look mean at all!!! :-)

  3. Nice to finally "meet" you, Elaine! Love your quilts. You're very talented.

  4. Great post. What a creative spirit you are!


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