This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Monday, January 30, 2012

What to do, what to do?

Winter weather and workers interfere with backyard activities...and what's a gardener to do?  The obvious answer is to attend to an indoor hobby.....and happily, quilting fits the bill.  I am working to improve my machine-quilting skills on my home sewing machine.  It's essential to warm up before working on my current quilt, so I layer a small 'quilt sandwich'--backing, batting, and marked top--and spend a few minutes following lines or adding fill--which is the term for quilting that fills (and flattens) empty space, giving the quilt added texture and visual interest.
 A quilting blog named SewCalGal is featuring a machine-quilting tutorial every month of 2012.  The January instructional video showed a leaf motif.  I changed the design a little and worked on a small scale, filling a curved space.

This fill design is called 'Dianeshiko,' for Diane Gaudynski-- one of the gifted individuals who has raised machine quilting to (literally) an art.

 After a week or so of warm-up exercises, one has a small sampler like this!  The inevitable imperfections are less noticeable in the overall view.  To enlarge, click Ctrl + (Control plus).

Diane Gaudynski tells us that our quilting gets better every day.  Hope so!


  1. Wow! Your quilting is great! I just signed up for the challenge and am ready to get started.

  2. Is that just a trick of the camera, or did you use an interesting thread on the white piece? It seems to have a golden shimmer to it. Very beautiful work!

    1. That is pale green, lustrous thread that you are seeing. The varieties and qualities of various threads add another dimension. These practice pieces get pretty densely quilted; I do not add nearly this much stitching on a large quilt--though perhaps I am closing in on trying it. To be honest, it's very scary to think of such heavy quilting after spending many months constructing a quilt top..


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