This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Devil Finds Work....

Isn't that the truth?  The devil finds work for idle hands!  You've just got to keep some people busy every minute, or who knows what will happen?  

Here's the way it went down:

       The DHubby realized that my vehicle was overdue for an oil change.  I would have waited for a week-day, but he phoned the Ford dealership and they told him it was pretty quiet for a Saturday, so he hustled on over there.  By the time he arrived, several other customers had beat him to the punch, so he phoned to let me know it would be an hour or two before he'd be finished.  "Do you want me to come pick you up?" I asked, hacking and coughing behind my Kleenex..  "Oh, no," he responded selflessly.  "I'll just walk around the dealership--it'll be good exercise.  I'll probably be home about noon."  So I went back to blowing my nose.

     A little before noon, the phone rings, and it's the Ford dealership's Service Department.  They are looking for the DHubby.  "But he's there!" I exclaim.  "Well, he's not in the waiting area," I was told.  I was urging a wider search--"Look on the sales floor"--when I realize that the miracle of modern life, the cell phone, can make all of this simpler.  So I dial up the number, and there he is........"Oh, I'm next door at the Hyundai dealer's," he explains.  

     Fast forward a wee bit, and he's back home, explaining how he decided to walk over and take a look at the new Hyundai models, but then he spotted a fairly-new-but-used Elantra.....
Now, the faithful old Saturn (which we bought as a used car eight or nine years ago) has been having issues recently--not counting when the windows were shot out--but the DHubby had resisted my suggestion that he consider selling it.  Apparently his little window-shopping expedition had given him ideas.  "Would you trade in the Saturn?" I ask.  "No, I wouldn't get enough for it; I'll sell it myself," he tells me.  "But I asked the salesman to talk to his boss and get a rock-bottom price for a cash sale on that used Elantra touring car."

     There's no suspense left, is there?

 The sequence was:  phone call; lunch; return to dealership; test drive (stop by to let wife drive car around block and point out tire that needs air); return to dealer.  Somewhat later he gets back home and I ask, "So, when are you picking it up?"  "Oh, it's in the driveway," he tells me.  "Where's the Saturn?" I ask.  "Oh, I sold it to 'em," he says happily.  I didn't even get to say good-bye!

 If you squinch your eyes up, this car looks pretty much the same as the silver Saturn. 

Do you like the new driveway?


  1. Don and Donna have something in common! Compulsive car purchases! It is nice to have a car that is a long time from having regular car trouble.


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