This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Monday, April 9, 2012


We've been fishing on Lake Conway from our dock.  The catch this week has been various--one smaller freshwater drum, one red-ear (the largest sunfish found in these waters), three blue-gills, and a handful of other bream (smallish pan-fish which are fun to catch because they're so scrappy, and worth cleaning because they're so delicious.)  

 And my husband made one other catch:  

This, dear Reader, is a BOWFIN.
It is a large, heavy-bodied fish with a long dorsal fin and a huge, bony mouth.  It has a reptilian, prehistoric-looking head with black eyes resembling a shark's.  I had to run for the net to help the DHubby land this fish, as he was using very light tackle and a spinner-bait.  

The colors on this fish are not faked--it really is that poisonous turquoise you see here.  It's mating season, and male fish take on bright hues at this time of year.  

The tail-spot is found on the male.

And here is a closer look at the bowfin's head.  I would like to have taken more detailed shots, but we did not want to keep the fish out of water for very long.  I have no idea whether these are good eating, and we are not inclined to test that.  The other name for the bowfin is 'cypress trout'--which might suggest good eating or just relate to the general body shape of the species.  This was a heavy fish!


  1. Mmmmm...bream! One of my favorites.

    Those fish are so pretty! I didn't realize that they change colors, but it makes sense.

  2. That is one colorful catch! I have officially started my blog in this corner of the web now, so I can properly follow the "Mean Old Lady" :-)

  3. I caught one just the other day while perch fishing off a dock in Conneaut, Ohio. It was about 20" long
    and it had the green color to it also.


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