This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

'Something there is that doesn't love a wall...'

We replaced the aged, deteriorating fence around our property at the lake.  On one side the site is long-unused, although the owner lives in town; on the other, the owner recently died of age and infirmity, and it's for sale.  Great time just to get 'er done without any hassles (or asking folks to share the costs.)  Called the contractor, and he got busy.  Despite some delays and so forth, this week he finished the job--and it looked great.  

Two days later, the phone rings just as I'm under way with supper preparations.  It's one of the other owners on the cove, calling to tell us that the electricity is out.  And here's why:

 Didn't even know that tree had a dead side trunk, but plainly it let go at some point between noon (when the DHubby was there) and 4:30 (when the neighbor got home.)  We downed tools and hustled out to the lake, arriving just before the bucket truck and the lineman.

Direct hit on the new fence.  Rascally DHubby called the contractor and told him part of his fence had collapsed.  The poor, astounded contractor couldn't believe his ears, and asked, 'Well, what part of it fell down?'  only to hear, 'The part that's under the tree trunk.'  Oh, ha ha.  
He came out and fixed it this morning, bless his heart.  

The lineman chain-sawed the part lying across the wires, but the rest of the time he devoted to rewiring the connections to the transformer.   I guess we'll tackle the rest of the trunk tomorrow, but at present there is a Burn Ban in the county; we have had less than 1/2" of rain for the entire month of May--and now it's in the 90's.  We'll add the logs to the woodpile.  

We love the little place on the lake, but it's always something.....

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  1. Man, what a mess. So glad the contractor was good about fixing things.


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