This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Saturday, July 21, 2012


In the past 30 days, we have had about 0.70" of rainfall in Faulkner County, Arkansas.  Since May, we have had less than 2".  Compounding the lack of rainfall is the record-breaking heat; along with relentless sun, we have windy conditions that add to the problem.  It's impossible to keep up with the watering that would be required to preserve everything in the yard and garden.  Wildfires have been frequent despite the burn bans in effect all over the state. Yesterday's high was 106, with a heat index of 115. 

The fig bush (tree?) is heavily mulched.

We have had a bumper crop, though some unripe figs have dropped.

I water this frequently.  The figs began to ripen early and are generally smaller than in years past. 

The garden produced small amounts of vegetables before the drought became serious, but I pulled up the tomato and bean plants a couple of weeks ago.  Cukes and squash plants are dying now.  One of the few plants that does not mind the conditions:
Arugula!  Think Sicily....
New Dawn ros

'Crepuscular' rose

Soaker hoses along the beds bordering the fence and in the asparagus bed are a big help, as are the timers on the faucets.  The roses are producing small blossoms in a second flush of blooming.

Watering has also allowed some other things to flourish.
Rudbeckia, also known as Black-eyed Susan
Surprise Lilies --lovely

Trumpet vine attempting to conquer the world....
 Only a few plants seem truly to enjoy the heat and humidity:

The pot behind the (impressive) Wave petunias is a mango, grown from what was left over after breakfast a few years back.  Suddenly, instead of a single growth point, we have a crown!


And of course the orchids really, really love the weather!


  1. Appreciated reading your report from droughty Arkansas. It is certainly worth investigating xeriscaping, but I thought figs thrived in arid conditions. Aren't they a desert plant? We have two rain barrels that we use for watering some of our plants, as well as the container gardens. But Tom uses a sprinkler for the regular garden. Fortunately we are getting some rain off and on.

  2. By the way, those "words" that we have to enter to prove we're not a "bot" are even difficult for us mere mortals to decipher. I had to request a different word to decipher multiple times before I got one that I thought I might be able to read. Now to jump through the hoops to post this!

  3. It is interesting to see what is surviving and what is dying in this heat. We have a break in the drought. Have gotten at least 5 inches since July 20th. This morning it was actually very pleasant temperature wise, although it will go back up next week.

  4. Thanks for ending on a positive note. Just got back from the Northwest. There are advantages of living up there. My pillow in my suitcase was still cool from Jill's house this morning in Portland. My major impression driving home from the airport today is that there is no traffic! No one wants to get out.


Rose 'Crepuscular'

Asparagus bed--post harvest

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