This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Daylight Saving Time? Already?

I don't want to say that George W. Bush is responsible for ALL the societal ills currently plaguing us (after all, there was Ronald Reagan in the mix, too) but increasing the Daylight Savings Time period has to rate pretty high when it comes to creating more misery than necessary.  

Just as we are waking up, *thrilled* to see that it's light outside instead of pitch black, we are being plunged back into The Dark Ages.  

This winter has been hard enough!   Here are illustrations of the four ice storms....

To the left is my fig tree, which I pray is not frozen back to its roots (thanks to its protected location.)   

 This picture was taken early in the storm...before most of the limbs were so weighted with ice that they gave way.  

The fourth ice storm was, frankly, superfluous.  All the trees that were going to break were already down.  The schools had already changed the calendar and extended well into June to make up the lost academic instructional days.  

I think the message here is:  we are all tired of Winter and ready for Spring!


  1. Here, here! Very well put--especially "superfluous." Really, what's the point of DST?

  2. I love DST. Except Spring Forward. My idea is to Fall Back constantly! But really, I do like. The worst though was when Nixon started it in January. I was in college at the time going to class in the dark.

  3. The cartoonist Jules Pfeiffer had a sequence showing Nixon making a blanket longer by cutting off one foot at the bottom and sewing it back on at the top.... That's my assessment of DST...


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