This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reader Participation Project!

My newest quilt top-- kind of a hybrid that developed partly by accident-- is ready for quilting.  I'm torn between two possible quilting motifs for the large triangles surrounding the on-point central batik (a creation of Karen Freeman, another Arkansas resident, from whom I purchased this a couple of years ago-- at the Farmer's Market, believe it or not.  Yeah, it takes me a while...)

Vote in the Comments.  I do have a favorite, but what the heck.  You can vote, and I can exercise the Veto.

This does not really have a title/name yet.  I originally intended the center to be my Round Robin starter block.  Then I decided that the careful handling required would quickly make everyone who might  work on the piece begin to hate me, so I made a feathered star block instead.  The plaids and modified nine-patch blocks were intended for use elsewhere, but I could not resist using them with the Rooster.  'Rooster and Plaids' is the temporary name; feel free to make suggestions!
Now for the two possible quilting designs for the blue triangles:

Perhaps a bit predictable, but the curvy design works well with the pieced squares.

This echoes the sunflowers in the cornerstones of the central border.  I might even hand quilt the triangles--the only place that hand quilting would show up, in any case.

Cast your votes, suggest a name, and add your 2-cents'-worth in the Comments!  Thanks!


  1. For a name: how about L. L. Rooster? (For an obvious reason.)

    I vote for the sunflowers. The curvy density of the first one seems to me at odds with the straight lines of the plaid. The sunflowers also remind me of produce crate art, as does the rooster. So I vote for sunflowers.

  2. I vote for the sunflowers. The curvy design adds unnecessary busyness.

    And, for reasons not obvious to me, the name "Rooster Crows" keeps coming.


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