This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Thursday, May 27, 2010

'Ozark Autumn'

This is a king-sized pieced quilt; the block pattern is a variation of 'Hovering Hawks.' The central part of the quilt has 144 7" blocks. By the time I had completed that many blocks, my piecing had improved so much that I had to remake a few of the earlier ones. I definitely learned a lot about precision piecing.Not very modest, but I admit that this patchwork is perfect.

I began this quilt at an ElderHostel class at Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley, West Virginia. The '
Nickel Quilts' were based on 5" fabric squares; this block pattern seemed to involve the least waste. I redesigned the suggested border. This is my only photo showing (almost) the entire quilt; (it's hanging from a balcony at a Quilt Congress gathering.)

This detail shot allows you to see some of the individual blocks; when they are joined, the secondary design elements come to the fore. I decided the placement of every single block--none of that free-wheeling randomness for me! I had to look at the quilt through the wrong end of my binoculars because there was no way to back away from the design wall far enough for a good view. The goal was to lead the viewer on a 'visual dance.'

Quilts are amazingly warm; we use this one on our bed only in Winter. Somehow, having a pretty quilt encourages me to straighten the bed every morning. (There are times when that's all I have to show for my day: I made the bed.) Dropped a heavy object onto my bare foot last night, and Hubby Dearest has a gout attack; no yard work today! Guess I'll have to stay in my sewing room, tsk tsk.


  1. oh dear Elaine, sorry about your poor foot! Ouch...have a quiet, gentle day...

    Thanks for sharing your quilt - you have a wonderful sense of design, and yes, mission accomplished...when you enlarge the photo, the eye begins to travel the patterns, with unexpected twists and turns. Well done!

    Goodness me, you are SO making me want to start a quilt...i have 10 billion old quilting magazines here full of ideas too...hmmm
    love, patricia
    aka Sophie T. Sock

  2. I like how you say "straighten" the bed. Not quite the same as hospital corners, right?
    The quilt is exquisite.
    Hope the Conway feet feel better soon.

  3. Absolutely stunning quilt work. I love the colors and the visual stimulation I get from the overall pattern - even just from looking at the photos.

  4. Tell me where you get your energy from so I can get some. You are absolutely amazing. Your inner beauty really shines through in your quilts and your garden. I hope your foot feels better soon.

  5. Just completing the top for this quilt took 18 months. I may be the slowest quilt-maker you've ever met! 'So many quilts, so little time!' as the quilters say. It's especially hard at this time of year, when I want to be out in the garden... I can't seem to give up cooking (or messing around on the computer.)


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