This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The View from the Swing

Sitting on a porch swing is good for the soul. Sitting on the swing and gazing across the water is doubly so.
Bald cypress, tupelo, lily pads, reeds....a flotilla of Canada geese were present at dawn, including one pair with seven goslings. Could this have been more perfect? Frankly, yes: the fish could have been biting!

It's a computer-free zone for me, though I do have puzzles and books along. Thanks to the poor fishing, there was plenty of time to sweep the porch, wash the windows (though only the ones with a view of the lake), and pick up limbs for the fire ring.


  1. Ahhh. O.K. There you are. Great site and pictures. I'll stay longer, when I have more time.


  2. Hi Elaine,
    I lurk on the NYT Crossword blog and enjoy your posts there - and I'm only a few miles away in LR...
    I'm blown away by your quilts. Truly amazed. I knit lace, but what you do is so much more creative.
    I feel like some day our paths will actually cross (so to speak...) I too lived in Cincinnati for a while and came back to Ark. in recent years. There are other points where we could connect - as they say, there are only 2 degrees of separation in Arkansas.
    Keep on blogging, please! Rebecca Glenn

  3. Glenn: I do needle tatting--hardly 'real lace,' but it's something my hands and wrists can tolerate. I am in LRock about once a month for QUEST Quilters at the library (the big one, betw/ Clinton and 2nd St.)on the 2nd Monday of the month. Guests are always welcome. If that does not entice, let's plan a way to meet-- as you note, there are connections! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Uh - oh (cue Twilight Zone music)

    I work at the Library downtown - didn't know there is a quilting group - I get to the knitting group on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

    As we say, there are connections. I'll be sure to try to make an appearance when your group meets - which day/time is that?

    Looking forward to hearing -

  5. I love the photo of the persimmon tree. I just bought a dwarf one - suitable for bonsai-ing. I have little teeny fruit on it.

    Hello to Rebecca Glenn, fellow librarian. Check out the Lady Gaga spoof done by the librarians in Washington State. Nancy Pearl even makes an appearance.

  6. I LOVE that video... It sure wasn't that much fun when I was in Library School.

    Now that I've downsized I keep thinking I'd love to get into Bonsai - any advice?


  7. Bringing Librarians Together-- my lifetime ambition!

    Next Quest Quilters mtg is June 14th. I'll be there, and we meet in the big room near the fish pond/courtyard. Surely an urgent duty should draw you to that location..?!

  8. We (librarians) like to think it's easy to connect.. That's our job, after all.. but we appreciate whatever catalysts we can find.

    I've got your next meeting on my calendar! Is it at noon or in the evening. I don't have access to the full calendar from home so don't see it...

    Whichever, I hope to run you over there.


  9. Glenn: This may make it more difficult, but we meet around 9-9:30 and usually break up near noon. Some of us go to lunch, or those staying for the afternoon class may brown-bag it. The guild is large and hires national teachers to lecture and teach. There are usually quilts brought in as 'show and tell.' The library is very good to us!

  10. Elaine, sounds really good. I'll have to sneak in and check things out.
    Seriously, I work in the ASI across the street and I'll come over around lunchtime and hope to put a face with a name. Enjoy!

  11. It sounds so enticing.

    See, Elaine this is why you should seriously consider making your way to the ACPT next year. Despite my 15-year-old son's admonition that everyone you meet on line must be crazy and/or a serial killer ("Mom, have you listened to a word you've said to me for the past 10 years????"), I found that every single person I liked on line, I liked even more in person. Real live people are just better.

  12. @Sara-thanks for the encouragement! Will take it under consideration.

    Use the profile e-mail and we can get cell #s and connect up on the 14th. How cool is this? (oh, BTW, I am much better-looking than I seem in person. wink!)

  13. Dying to know the outcome of this legendary meeting, do keep us posted.

    Same experience here, meeting people you've gotten to know a little, online. I am really hoping to attend the next ACPT. We simply have to talk Elaine into it.... (not that we're putting any pressure on you or anything MOL...honest.
    cheers from Vancouver Airport :-)


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