This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Our local paper is The Log Cabin Democrat.  (This name, evocative of frontier days and homespun lifestyles, has virtually nothing to do with Conway's origins or its present iteration-- and as for 'Democrat,' Arkansas has been solidly Republican, alas, for quite some time.  And all the buzz for the upcoming elections is about 'defending our Arkansas values.'   Hmmm.)

The paper does remind one of something out of The Fifties.  Regular columns include 'Our Poetry" (all of it excruciatingly lame), and there are always numerous photographs showing citizens awarding plaques, trophies, and medals to one another.   The sports news reflects the fact that this is a 'football and cheerleader culture;'  all sports are local.   The 'Police Beat' is an assortment of crime reports, details of accidents, and a list of selected arrests; however, any items on the blotter involving prominent citizens never appear.  (Must be magic.)  Anything controversial or informative actually never makes it into this paper; for real Conway news, one needs to take the Little Rock paper, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and read 'The River Valley Edition.'  

When we first moved here, the LCD was something like 'The Daily Show' and only came out a few days a week.   Now it really is a daily paper, for what that's worth.  Do we take it?  Yes, but only on Sunday (so we'll have TV listings.)  Well, actually there IS another reason for taking The Log Cabin Democrat.  

It has to do with a program called 'Weekend Radio,' with Robert Conrad--out of Cleveland, Ohio, often heard on NPR stations, including our KUAR 89.1 FM in Little Rock.  The program has a regular feature, 'This Week in the Media,' presenting amusing gaffes and errors from all sorts of media.  If your submission is selected for airing, you'll win a free CD and receive a letter that looks like this:  

Actually, this is my third or fourth time to submit an item and win a prize.  

I mean it, that Log Cabin Democrat is a gold mine!

And, yes, that is really the 'Weekend Radio'  secretary's name. 


  1. Your local paper must be my local paper, under a different name -- the same non-news, the same awards, the same sanitized police blotter. Congratulations on your win!

    (Isn't that the Mary Tyler Moore Show font in the letterhead?)

  2. I fear I am not a student of masthead fonts...or fonts in general. I am always mystified by the typeface descriptions in the backs of books--"This type is based on the 13th Century Brobdignagian first designed by Fra Lippo Lilliput..."

    This week's paper described a home for sale that has 'two fountains and a coy pond.' Had a lot of fun envisioning how a pond behaves coyly... But I try not to enter too often, as it seems unfair to other contributors.

  3. I commend you for supporting a local business. We stopped subscribing to the Asheville Citizen Crimes (I mean, Times) because there was nothing to read in it. We get the Sunday New York Times and that's it. I get the local news by hearsay and any other news from NPR. (Are NPR's days numbered after the Juan Williams affair? Stay tuned.)

  4. Is it really pink? And, how come we don't get to see the amusing gaffes?

  5. M5000,
    Alas, I have had the mother wit to keep a copy of only one of my stellar contributions to 'Weekend Radio.' I'll try to unearth it to share. (The pink paper was to give a nod to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Gets your attention, no?)


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