This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Word to the Wise...

...if you can hear it, that is!  All of those warnings about protecting your hearing?  Take heed.

Hubby Dearest has been losing auditory acuity for quite some time.  He can't hear bird calls; he misunderstands conversation (sometimes to comical effect.)  
We have exchanges like this:   
     Me--"Do you want red or white?"  
     HD--"No, it's on the left."   

I find myself having to repeat information, at increasing volume, three times; this gets old even if you are a patient person.  Which I'm not....or so I hear.

Early this summer we assisted HD's mother with the acquisition of new hearing aids through an assistance program (Starkey Foundation, in case you have someone similarly in need.)  Reading the literature, I was impressed by some of the technological advances--special features for lovers of music; control of extraneous noise, as in crowds; it's amazing!  I talked this up somewhat.....but previous urgings have had no effect. 

Last week DH took one of his mother's aids in to the hearing center because she found it 'had stopped working.'  It was actually just gunked up and needed cleaning.  But while he was there, he made an appointment for an evaluation.   Hallelujah! His hobbies involve music--listening, recording, even 'cleaning up' early records and electronically removing the pops, clicks, and dampening effects to achieve a good listening experience much closer to the original live sound.  He had already realized that he could not hear many of the higher frequencies....and that is what the audiogram confirmed.  He ordered a set of high tech hearing aids with the custom features that he needs (for a price that doesn't bear thinking about; my first new car cost half that amount.)  

In case you think Medicare or supplemental policies cover hearing aids, think again.  Ditto glasses.  Just about everyone will require hearing and vision aids as part of the normal aging process.  For these needs, you're on your own.  

And, ta da, here is one of the aids.  
For a nice added touch, it's sitting on the latest copy of his journal on recorded sound....


  1. So is this just normal hearing loss from aging, or was he subjected to loud sounds over a period of time in the past?

    I've always been overly sensitive hearing-wise - not being able to sleep with even the faintest of noise in the background. I frequently use the highest density of earplugs I can find in order to sleep. It's agony for me when I go to the gym because of the awful music they play.

  2. Yes, Don's is a 'classic' hearing loss. He is adjusting to the aids pretty well.

    I have extremely acute hearing, too. It's not a blessing! I can hear very high frequencies (electronic store alarms, stop lights) and that can even be painful. Like you, I awaken easily to anything unusual. Noise bothers me when others seem oblivious. So far, no changes for me.

  3. Good for him, fixing it. I went deaf in one ear 3 years ago, so my husband and I have loads of those kinds of conversations. Frustrating for both of us! Unfortunately, hearing aids won't work for me. I just have to hope my other ear hangs in there, I guess.

  4. What's the opposite of acute hearing? Obtuse? That's what I have. In addition to which, my hearing is getting worse. I've been thinking about getting an ear exam anyway; thanks for the prompt, Elaine


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