This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Wonderful News!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the arrival of three* baby grand-birds:  Carolina wrens!  It is possible to view them, since the nest is located at eye level in an unusual birdhouse, but the parents get hysterical when we get anywhere near the babies, and the neighbors--particularly a pair of cardinals--often chime in sounding additional alarms.  As we are on the patio several times a day, the wrens are having an anxious time of it, so I have limited myself to only occasional viewing.  The tiny speckled eggs were darling.

Wrens are pretty quick, but eventually I'll get a picture of the whole bird, not just the tail!

One of the brood has its head out the front door.  

*As of July 5th--FOUR baby birds!


  1. Every years we get a fresh crop of Carolina Wrens in a nest that they built into the side of the house (inside a steel duct). It's located right under our Big Green Egg grill, so they would occasionally get smoke floating up, but that doesn't seem to discourage them. They come back every year. This year I came home from work to see that the little ones had just fledged and were learning to fly in and around our patio. So I kept the dogs inside and kept an eye out for the neighbor's cats until I was sure they were steady on their wings.

  2. This year we only put out six boston ferns on the front wrap around porch. EACH ONE ended up with AT LEAST one nest with eggs and "fuzzies." Three ferns were used again with the same result.

    Had to rescue one that just quite couldn't fly. Put him back in the nest a couple of times (I know that's verboten, but it worked anyway). I guess he finally got strong enough and made his way in the world.


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