This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving 2011 felt very special because for the first time in about 18 months, our nuclear family gathered together.  Son Nathaniel drove 11 or 12 hours from Cincinnati along with his Significant Other, Karen, who read aloud and entertained him the whole way.  Daughter Laura traveled from Vicksburg--coming up on Tuesday so as to have more time with her brother.  Heavy rain and clouds persisted through the visit, but nothing could cast a pall of gloom over the occasion.

Here we have the aging parents with their  offspring, who have drained all of the youth and vitality away, leaving only the withered husks, shadows of our former selves.  (Just kidding.  Sort of.) 
 All three of the visitors came equipped with SmartPhones (no idea if it is supposed to be merged and/or capitalized like that.)  Nat and Karen also had a Nook, a Kindle, and the newly-released KindleTouch; these devices do somewhat compete for attention!

Do we need to coin a new phrase?  'Nose buried in a book' no longer seems to fit.

We don't want to whine that the visit was too short, but there were highlights:  three on a crossword as Laura, Nat, and I took over the couch to attempt a BEQ puzzle; fortunately Karen contributed rock band/music/song info from her rocking chair; cooking together, with Laura scrubbing veggies and prepping the cornbread for the stuffing, Nathaniel chopping, and myself wielding the sage, the pepper mill, and directing the action; the dreadful moment when I suddenly realized that the yeast biscuit dough in the refrigerator was missing just o-n-e little thing--the yeast.  
     Beginning to feel overwhelmed, I made a bid to skip the green beans and just serve a salad; no mercy.  I should know better than to try and mess with traditions; (the beans were wonderful.)  The menu was :turkey and dressing with gravy; sweet potatoes; green beans; cranberry sauce and cranberry-orange relish; yeast biscuits (semi-rescued); and pickled beets.  Laura drove to fetch DHubby's mother, Esther, and we sat down to the feast.  
     One family tradition is going around the table to hear what each of us is most thankful for this year.  It seems that we are mainly thankful for each other. 

The DHubby and I agreed that our offspring are a pleasure to be with:  easy to please and willing to be pleased; humorous and good-humored; open and giving; eager to pitch in and be of help; understanding and generous.  We know we are blessed.  

We are already planning for next year!


  1. Where are the husks? I see only happy, vibrant-looking people. Are you sure you posted the right photo? :)

  2. LOL--thank you, MLeddy, for the compliment! But you should see me in our wedding picture (if I do say so myself)! Friends viewing the picture much later in time voiced the opinion that they were seeing our older offspring; they bravely tried to mask their shock at the idea that the lissome young thing was I myself....
    Life goes on!

  3. What a nice family portrait.

  4. Wow, you are looking very svelte these days. Good work! Thanks for all the pictures and heartwarming description. Everyone looks very happy and healthy.

  5. You look like anything but a mean old lady!

  6. My first thought looking at the photo was the same as haphazardmusings: You don't look mean at all! Beautiful holiday with your family.


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