This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Friday, May 4, 2012


Recently we had occasion to drive south to Vicksburg, Mississippi.  This small city on The Father of Waters is a destination for Civil War buffs--the battlefield national park is a vast and well-preserved testament to the staggering effort (and suffering) that took place during that conflict.  There are casinos that cater to those inclined to gamble, some historic homes to tour, and a small downtown area of shops and restaurants.  None of those were actually the big draw for us, however.  

Daughter Laura lives and works there.  With the DHubby celebrating his 71st birthday, it seemed a good time for a visit.  In addition, a chamber orchestra (Laura plays viola) was holding a 'Blues and Barbeque' event in tiny St. Joseph, Louisiana.

 All of the gifts from wife, son, and daughter had a theme--music:  Jazz, Big Band, and even CDs of Arvo Paert's stunning sacred compositions.
   Laura had been actively enhancing her patio by planting some annuals.  Little cardinal flower vines had just sprouted.  

We chose a likely spot and planted a wee fig (off-shoot from my now-sizable tree.)  In previous years, I had contributed redbud saplings that are now thriving.

Someday the swing will be shaded.  

It was perhaps a bit unfair to snap a picture just when Laura arrived home from work--TGIF!-- but oh well.  I should have carried the camera to the restaurant-- we were all gussied up then!
But happy smiles were the order of the day.  
We had an easy drive--fields of sorghum and soybeans are a healthy green, rice paddies are being flooded, and a book on CD made the miles fly.  We chose the Arkansas to Louisiana route, happy to find that I-20 has been repaved; it's no faster, but it's simpler.  We took the same route home on Sunday, back to our regularly-scheduled lives.


  1. Happy birthday to your DHubby! Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend in Vicksburg. (Incidentally, there's a town very near to me called Vicksburg that is to commemorate/celebrate the Union Army's victory over the Confederacy. Ah, perspective.)

    1. When we toured Gettysburg some years ago, I did notice that the Yankees brag quite a lot!

    2. Well, we Yankees did win (koff koff).

      Nice to see your lovely pictures! It really was a great visit :-)


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