This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cat Cuteness

Charlie Parker (named for a jazz legend much admired in our home) has been part of the family since June.  We adopted him as an adult, and there are some quirks we just have to live with, but once Charlie decided we were maybe okay (and came out from under the bed) we have enjoyed his company and his little ways.  

Charlie prefers that his humans follow a routine.  You don't lose track of the hour when Charlie is around to remind you that it's mealtime!  Charlie will not get on your lap, but he might curl up against you.  Charlie does not allow you to put two hands on him--who knows what you could be up to?  (Well, Kitty could probably make a list of *our* little crochets, too.)

 But don't think you cannot teach an older cat new tricks.
Every evening Charlie joins me in the kitchen for dinner preparations and the local and national news programs.  (Well, he may not actually be paying attention to the news.)  Mostly, though, Charlie is waiting for his buddy, the DHubby, and their evening ritual.

The DHubby is holding kitty-treats, and Charlie knows it. 

Isn't he clever?  and handsome?  and charming?  (Aren't we silly?  and doting?)
My friend Marcie calls these goodies "kitty crack."  (This cat had belonged to Marcie's mom, but a move into assisted living created a need for adoptive parents, and so.....)

Charlie will respond to "Sit up" as many times as you ask.  Well, just so long as you keep the goodies coming.

And some praise and petting is never amiss.

But wait!  There's more.
    Next comes brush-brush.  

A little higher and to the left.....
 All's right with the world.


  1. Thank you for making Jack - now Charlie - a happy kitty. He needed a stable environment and has adjusted nicely. If you work on a quilt in your lap with your feet on an ottoman will he jump up in your lap? It is worth a try.

  2. Is Charlie Parker related to Richard Parker, the tiger in "The Life of Pi"?

  3. I don't think so....(haven't seen the movie, read the book several years ago).

    Originally his name was 'Jack,' which I do not care for. Since he is black, and since we love early jazz, 'Charlie Parker' seemed to fit. He does answer to it :0)


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