This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Praise of Purple!

....and lilac, violet, magenta, and so on.

 The wisteria is just beginning a bounteous display.  If only I could post the fragrance as well!  
The violets form a carpet in this flowerbed.  I know people who consider them weeds, but I just love seeing them every year.

And the white violets add a nice accent.

Grape hyacinths look amazing in masses.  I am counting on these to multiply.

The Japanese maple made it through the rough, dry summer and the cold, icy winter.  The reddish-purple leaves are a bright accent.

This wisteria is paler--white touched with lilac.

 A preview of coming attractions!  I can't wait!
An update a week later:  bluebells and more wisteria....


  1. I like violet flowers, but once the flower is gone, the plant grows into a big ol' ugly clump and detracts from the gentle harmony of a flower bed or the peaceful even green of a grassy yard. Just my opinion. So what do you do with your violets once the blooms are gone?

    1. I leave them be. Green is lovely. I don't enjoy the rigid flowerbeds with lonely islands of plantings in a sea of garish mulch...and a lot of my plants have come from people who relentlessly 'thin' shrubs and perennials each year.


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