This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gair the Painter

We had a planned stop in tiny Howard, Pennsylvania, where we arranged to visit another cousin (from the DHubby's mother's side of the family, this time.)  Donald calculated that it had been about 47 years since he had last seen Cousin Gary.  He described him this way:

          He was always drawing;  you never saw him without a pencil in his hand--unless he was fishing, that is.  He is a master fisherman.  We used to make flies and go fishing together.  And he knows all the trees and flowers.  He is just a supremely happy man.  He married the love of his life, and he's been contented living not far from where he was born.  Except for his Army service, I don't think he's ever left for any length of time.  Gary told me that he wakes up every morning and can hardly wait to get to work.  

The DHubby spotted Gary's shop right on the main highway, so we pulled in..... and there was 'Gair the Painter.'   Inside, the first thing we saw was a huge sign--for a popular local restaurant--painted in brilliant glossy enamel. Also there:  scents of wood, paint and turpentine; other work in progress, carved signs not yet painted; and what I recognized as a deluxe walker (the kind with a seat and locking wheels) on which was superimposed a tray with numerous tools. 
 "I know what that is:  it's a walker!" I exclaimed.
But Gary said, "No, that's a mobile carving station!"  
Gair the Painter

We visited in the little office, which was hung about with paintings, carvings, photos (including one of a gorgeous grand-daughter), and featuring an orderly desk.
Pretty soon Gary's wife Sarah and another cousin, Vickie (with her little dog,) also arrived to enjoy the reminiscing and sharing of pictures.  The DHubby had found one shot of the three Koch sisters each holding a baby boy...more than 70 years in the past.
 More pictures from the shop:

Skeleton of a dragon (carving)

And suddenly two hours had passed and it was time to go.  A final image:

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