This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Sunday, October 6, 2013


The stop at Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon was a pleasant side trip, but we were due in Trout Run where the DHubby's cousin Richard and his wife Sandy live in their retirement home.  We were given a tour of the garden, so you know just from that what delightful people they are.  A salad was the perfect lunch for travellers starved for fresh produce, and then there was an amazing peach cobbler--one ramekin per person.  Their grown son had made his own raspberry vinaigrette and some pickled cauliflower--both delicious additions to the salad.  (Yes, I am all about the food.  You got a problem with that?)

We drove the final miles to Williamsport (a much calmer venue after the Little League World Series had ended) and checked into the historic Genetti Hotel right downtown.  We settled in and readied ourselves for an evening at The Bullfrog Brewery, conveniently located right down the street.  

The DHubby, until age 12, lived in Lock Haven where he had been born.  He spent a good deal of time with his closest cousins--and I would call them Richard, Frances, Judith, and Donald, but I was assured that their true names are Dickie, Franny, Judy, and Donnie.  
Judy, nurse Franny (and her husband Ron, a retired chemist,)  Donnie (and myself), and retired Earth Sciences teacher Dickie (plus Sandy) had a wonderful dinner accompanied by some very nice beer. Lots of reminiscing and laughter!  

The next morning we made the short drive down to Lock Haven, but first--at Dickie's suggestion--we drove down Williamsport's Millionaire's Row.  Here is a brief photo-tour:


  1. Oh, my goodness! I lived about 30 minutes south of Williamsport until I moved out here to Albuquerque. Bullfrog was one of my regular haunts...What did you think? I always loved their beers, both standard and more experimental ones. Their food (especially brunch) was always good, too. Did you happen to drive through Lewisburg and Selinsgrove on US-15? If so, you were where I lived! :)

  2. On a previous (long ago) trip we did stop in Lewisburg--the rolling mills had become an antiquing destination. We had a truly wonderful lunch at their little diner, complete with birch beer. I did not realize it was so close! We thoroughly enjoyed the Bullfrog. I stuck with a light wheat beer, but DHubby likes stout and similar 'heavy' ales. We were all pretty happy with the whole thing. (Ron, the chemist, purchased a Lifetime we gather they go there often, too. )


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