This is one Mean Old Lady!

This is one Mean Old Lady!
Self-portrait: 'Quilter on Fire'

Friday, September 4, 2015

Recent works

I have been blogging less and quilting more--not least because I need to complete many projects that have languished for too long.  A recent NQA show in Little Rock spurred me on; I entered three pieces--


This is 'Rooster and Plaids,' and I gave up about 50 squares from a quilt I had planned and worked on for more than a year....simply because I pinned the central medallion up on the wall right over the plaid blocks--and loved the look!  
This one is a take-off
on a Gauguin Tahitian landscape....made in response to a challenge ('landscape with a tree and a bird') and quite the learning experience to create.  Took me way longer than I had planned/hoped/expected.

This one might look a little nutty.  Each square was appliqued with a small heart shape over the course of, well, about 12 years of PTA meetings.  The fabrics were from clothes I made daughter Laura, a maternity dress, my first quilt, and God only knows where else.  They didn't 'belong' together, there was no master plan, and I was in despair of ever making them work together.....and then Sharyn Craig came to our guild in Little Rock and opened my eyes!  This setting is called 'Twist and Turn,' and it made the blocks dance and work together.  It's far from a perfect quilt, but it's priceless! 

None of these quilts garnered any recognition, but I hope that people enjoyed seeing them.

My criterion for a successful quilt is this:  does it make me smile? 

These do.

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  1. Your quilts make me smile too. Thanks for sharing.


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